Topic Summary: Most homeowners that get a spring itch to start planting, know that proper planning is the key to successful gardening. Here are tips on saving money on watering the garden, 7 mistakes to avoid and some unknown tips on adding to your home's value by growing the right kind of trees. These resources are from At the bottom are some resources on getting the most out of Yard Sales and how to produce a successful one.

Saving water in your garden and yard trims your water bill and saves an increasingly scarce natural resource. Here is the Tip Sheet



Gardening is not rocket science: if you can dig a hole, turn on a spigot, and snip a dead flower off a vine, you can tend to a garden. But here are some things to avoid
Trees don't ask for much - dirt, water, sunlight. Yet they provide a wealth of benefits: They improve the air you breathe, cut your energy bills with their shade, provide a home to wildlife, and add beauty and value to your home. Get all the latest info and a calculator to see just how much value trees can deliver.

Have an Ipad?  Here is  a review of some of the best gardening Apps

Yard Sale Time!

Get a more productive Saturday morning with these tips.

Also if you plan on running your own yard sale, be sure to check out these tips